my friends


my friends


Realy here in india i sow various of cultures in the same country ,,,like sudan exactly,,,here in tamlnadu most of the tamilian are kind people as well as they are very simple...
in the class ,the tmilian they are very interactive with me and my friends ...they want to know more about my culture ,and other informations about sudan and the nice thing that some of them learned some arabic phrazes we are exchang them by tamil,, i can name some of them :
Rajendaran,hariprabhu,rajeesh,venoth cumar,danawel,kartigeen,ashok,sudha ,sumothi...... .


maliali,,i mean the people who are from another estate called Kerala....i have been ther only for one day in a city called Kochin and  a few horurs in another  city called Kozikhode (kalikat) ,,,but i met thos people here in the college...realy at first i had a  negative  impression  about them as they are inclosed people or they are careless for guests but i don t want to digest the rights of some of them who are so  nice people for a great extent...and the are very helpfull in all feild ,realy they ware one of the success reason of the independence day programme (10/1/2004)...
i can name some of them...:
Rejeesh cyric,Riso tume(adnan sami),Pryanka , Viji,Seeri...  .

special friends for me....


DANAWEL::is so kind man .and also Rajesh

 HARIPRABHU:this man rely i dont know how to discribe him ,,realy he is so kind but always he likes to joke or tease my by some funny wards ,i called him my ibni and he calls me as jiddo , and he has a wonderful family and specially his mother she is so genourous.

RAJU TOUM:we also call him (adnan sami) ,this man he surprised me by his manners and his funny spirit... not only me also my friends,and also his family hspitality whene i stayed a few hours with them in Kochin..... and really he is the  true friend of mine. 


VIJI:She is the one that she  took my attension graetely  by her manners ,,and she knows  some arabic wards cause she had been to UAE and i can say she is the most quite,attitude,clever in the class as she is a the best  friend.....i wish that our friendship will never fade. 

SEERI:she is also a very funny geirl i like her way  and her topics whene i have a talk with her ,,,because   her mind is so open for chating in different things...she looks like my sister sheema ..she is fond of sleeping and eating.... :-)

PRIYANKA: Realy she is a wonderful geirl,as much as she looking have a lot in her soul,...any way she is  invaluable for me ....