India Pharmacy congress


Indian Pharmasutical Congress (75th-Hyderabad)

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one of the seminars held at the I.P.C Hyderabad



friend (L to R) Renshi,Riyju,Shyam sir,me,Viji,Rya,Hafna

                    (During The I.P.C)

The I..P.C.. the annual meeting which gather all the pahramcists all over india and also a considerable no, of foriegn scientests and the  companies . It  was under the banner of  (Pharmacist Drug Discovery Research).the meeting inugrated in 2-10-05 and concluded in 4-12-05....

    At the first  day ,me and my friend yasir attended the exhebitions which was marvelous and realy made us rambling with  the advanced technologies of the latest sets and devices.. at that time we forgot that we  r students and the humor thing was the companies incharges believed that we r investors ..may because we r foriegners and well dressed .. it was very exciting,,, some of them asked us to set up a great business ,, if any 1 sow me at that time ,ll not identfy me because of the seriousness on my face while dealing  with them...and some others took our id and addresses... then at the end of the day really we ware very happy ..... at the second day me and my friend ali attended the seminars .. really it was also inshanting cause this the first time to get in direct contact with people in the exhalted position of education and experience in pharmacy.. Realy these days is sculptured on my mind and wont be forgotten.


Seminar about Good Pharmacy Practice


                        (Hint about I.P.A)

The Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) is the national professional body of pharmacists engaged in various facets of the profession of pharmacy. The IPA is committed to promote the highest professional and ethical standards of pharmacy, focus the image of pharmacists as competent healthcare professionals, sensitize the community, government and others on vital professional issues and support pharmaceutical education and sciences in all aspects.

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